Schematics: A Love Story by Julian Hibbard


British photographer Julian Hibbert's book exploring love, memory, and time through 43 schematic diagrams drawn from old books and paired with text. The book begins with a T. S. Elliot quote:

"We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

I learnt to tie my shoes
I learnt to ride my bike
I learnt to smoke
I learnt the vulnerability of fully exposing an idea
I learnt to tie my shoes
I learnt to adapt my behavior in the light of others' actions.
I learnt the difficulty of sustaining the hopes of youth.

I remember a French girl with an English name.
'Leave me now, return tonight,' she told me every morning, and I did.

I remember an English girl with an French name.
We were the circle that no one could break, or so I thought.


Yesterday I was there.
Today I am here.
The two are light years apart.

I dance with a friend,
holding her hand realize,
how disconnected I have become,
from the simple beauty of touch.

I return and sense,
that things are not the same as before,
but feel had I stayed,
everything would likely seem the same.

Your words touch me.
Your thoughts excite me.
I want to try all that.
Explore everything with you.

All one.

If and but and maybe and whatever.
I hate those words.

Everything doesn't have to be perfect.
To idealize is also a form of suffering.