What Brands Are Doing Wrong With Social Media, And How They Can Change


Douglass Rushkoff, author of the recently published book Program Or Be Programmed: Ten Commands for a Digital Age, gave a keynote speech at the Pivot 2010 conference this past October.

 An excerpt from the book:
Digital technologies are different. They are not just objects, but systems embedded with purpose. They act with intention. If we don’t know how they work, we won’t even know what they want. The less involved and aware we are of the way our technologies are programmed and program themselves, the more narrow our choices will become; the less we will be able to envision alternatives to the pathways described by our programs; and the more our lives and experiences will be dictated by their biases…On the other hand, the more humans become involved in their design, the more humanely inspired these tools will end up behaving. We are developing technologies and networks that have the potential to reshape our economy, our ecology, and our society more profoundly and intentionally than ever before in our collective history.