The Beauty of Lacks and Limitation


The Beauty of Lacks and Limitation was a 5 day workshop held by Manuel Bürger at the Merz Akademie Stuttgart where students were asked to design using software with limited capabilities and "bring it to its knees". 
Working within limitations reveals every single design step as boundaries are fixed and set. Sliding on the border line requires reflection on your own design process! This generates an advanced consciousness about designing. Furthermore, your common sense of ("good") design is bothered by look & feel of specific design software. This provocation is warmly welcome and a challenge to realize your idea within close boundaries. Get 100% satisfied despite your limitation.
I find this a very interesting concept and the work of the students is also very interesting. Concept wise it also reminds the work of Matthew Barney Drawing Restraint. I consider that in our day and age with tools of unlimited capabilities the designer/artist more often than not concentrates on the tool itself rather than expressing an original idea.

Animated gifs using textedit by Ulricke Schock:

Mountains by Julian Beekmann, Using the calc-function of "Apple Pages" to draw mountains + beautiful stone fillings: