Felt grocery store by Lucy Sparrow


The Cornershop, an installation by 28-year-old artist Lucy Sparrow, took seven months and around 300 sq meters of felt to create. Lucy and her assistant Rachel hand sewed all 4,000 items, which will be on display in the empty shop space until the end of the month. Additionally, you can actually go shopping in-store and buy or reserve your own felt produce!

Make sure you view a video feature here!

(via the guardian)

Flow motion video of the capital of North Korea, Pyongyang


Rob Whitworth is a filmmaker and photographer specializing in flow motion time lapse videos for the tourist industry. Below you can see his work for the capital of North Korea Pyongyang as well as Shanghai and Barcelona.

Post war photographs retouched to modern artworks


Photographer Jane Long created a series of photographs named "Dancing with Costica" by manipulating images of Romanian photographer Costica Ascinte (active in World War I and after). She turned the classic glass plates portraits into modern fine art, giving them a dreamy, fairytale character.

(via petapixel)

Summer times illustrations by Jean Jullien


Jean Jullien is a French graphoc designer working in London. His practice ranges from illustration to photography, video, costumes, installations, books, posters and clothing. His illustration style is character based and his work is always well observed and often very funny. Here are some of his summer themed illustrations.

Interview with Bob Gill


Bob Gill has been the teacher who changed my attitude towards designing. He explained design as a process rather than an end product. He has been the most inspirational teacher, one who never complemented me but was very willing to spend hours after class over my work to explain how I got everything wrong. He would swear, sweat and shout and he is the one who made me better. Here's an interview of his on design observer: